My Year in Review

So last year I wrote my list of items of what I want to accomplish this year.  Now it is time to see how well I did (my progress is in blue)…

  • I would like to scrapbook more, I want to make a dent in the pile of photos I have.  – This happened I made great progress on scrapbooking.  I need to do more but I did accomplish quite a bit.
  • I want to paint more, last year I did only 2 paintings (that needs to change!) – I painted 2 acrylic paintings, drew several color pencil drawings and did a couple watercolors because I am going to a weekly painting group.
  • I want to think of a new design for my blog, I love my design but as my daughter has pointed out she is a much better artist now and it needs to change. – I did finally think of a new logo design for A.J.’s Arts so the blog isn’t too far behind.
  • I would like to try Art Journaling – looks like fun. – Nope
  • I am thinking I need to only post Monday – Friday or maybe even three times a week with meaningful posts. – I have cut way down on posting do to time that I don’t have.
  • Keep concentrating on the Digi Shoppe.  I am really going to push the Digi Shoppe far more in the New Year than I have. – I have been working on the Digi Shoppe and keeping on top of the Digi Shoppe far more this year than in years past.
  • Start participating in Blog Hops – I did a couple Blog Hops
  • Try an unplugged day once a week (no computer and no phone – I might even uninstall the FB app on my phone). – Not really some days I don’t turn on the computer but I always get an email that makes me have to turn it on.
  • Improve on my writing and maybe finish a Children’s Book I have been working on. – Working on it, just need time to work on illustrations.
  • Get organized (getting there but not quite).  – Slowly, sadly everything we are not using is piled in our bedroom (that needs to all disappear and it would make me so happy).
  • Get published in these things called magazines (it could be fun). – I didn’t get published in a magazine but I have now been published in 2 books so there is something to that.
  • Learn a language probably Spanish (I never learned one, my 8th Grade English Teacher refused to sign my form so I could take a Foreign Language, so I never learned.) – Nope
  • Date night with the hubby (we actually had a couple last year – I am greedy and want more!) – We have done a couple including lunch now that Booga goes to preschool twice a week.
  • I would also like to get the rest of the Tim Holtz Ink Pads (I am missing, I think 10 – yep that is on the list to complete). – Nope maybe next year 
  • Keep exercising and maybe even try a thing called running. – Tried running got shin splints and I exercise twice a week at least 🙂
  • More family time – more family projects (a new bathroom and a new fence)  – Bathroom happened and so did the living room so this one is DONE!
  • An apple tree, grape vine and a dwarf pomegranate tree (yep I want those) – Nope we had to renovate a bathroom and living room.

Not too shabby considering everything that happened this year.  I will have a list soon and maybe even a word but for now I am going to enjoy a couple of days before the mad dash of the holidays really begin.

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