Spring Cleaning and Other Things

I have been quiet recently mainly because I am a college student and it is also had cookie season (I am so glad it is over).  My first official class started this week but I have been doing orientation classes and paperwork almost daily for the past month.  It is nice to think someday soon I will actually have a degree.  Cookie season is over for our troop which I am very happy about.  My troop did our first booth and did fantastic we sold 129 boxes of cookies in two hours, a Hardware Store on a Saturday is the way to go.

I also decided to start purging stuff I decided to take the White House Black Shutters 40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge.  My pantry was so bad, picture a Tupperware monster throwing up, combined with bags of old gooey candy, with other random items tossed in there.  The pantry was so bad I did not take a before photo because I was embarrassed, also the being able to enter the pantry was difficult because the Tupperware monster threw up.  Ash Wednesday here was a cold, wet day which was the perfect excuse to clean.  Also if my house is clean I am less likely to procrastinate when it comes to school work.

After several hours of cleaning, adding tiles to the wire shelves, adding hooks and disposing of Vital Wheat Gluten, which somehow made it through two kids and a move, my pantry is finished.  I will say I took out far more than one bag of crap out of the pantry but it felt great to get it done.

Our pantry is cleaned

Our pantry is clean


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