Day 1

Getting back on the exercise bandwagon because my clothes are getting tighter and not in a good way.  Since I refuse to buy new clothes in a bigger size I decided to have Jillian Michaels kick my ass again.  Today I restarted the 30 day shred.  I forgot how much I truly hate exercise and how much I love the way I feel after.  I wish there was another way however I have tried only watching what I eat and by watching I mean watching everything that goes into my mouth.  I tried logging my food and I totally admit I cheat.  I can’t be honest with myself and for that reason I have returned to exercise.

Have I gained a ton of weight since I started working?  I have gained 25 pounds (okay fine 28) and no one believes me.  I wear my weight well and everyone says I look the same, not sure if they are saying that to make me feel better or if it is the truth.  I know I feel awful like a slug actually I think slugs are more active than I am on my days off.  I started realizing this when I got a FitBit, days I work I have around 8,000 steps (mostly higher).  On days I don’t work I average around 2,000 steps, it is amazing what happens when you are writing papers on your days off.

After all my excuses I decided to start from scratch and log my journey, again.  I need some motivation and accountability, so I decided to chronicle this journey.  Good or bad maybe this will help me stay motivated.  I was far happier when I was exercising, slept better and my back didn’t hurt as bad.  Maybe it will help me be more creative because I have very little creativity happening right now.

Thoughts for today as I start I hate exercise, I mean really hate exercise but I like how I feel.

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