Time Will Tell…

Only time will truly tell the impact on businesses, economy and people’s mental health.  Yesterday, we decided as a family to support some local businesses and enjoy the beautiful spring day.  Downtown was busy, there were numerous groups of people decked in green, strolling through Savannah enjoying the 80 degree weather.  It was weird, people were enjoying brunch, then you would walk by a church with a sign, no services today because of COVID-19.  The brunch with the bottomless mimosas helped immensely with not thinking about what is next.  The only thing I cared about was the next mimosa, I greatly increased my Vitamin C intake yesterday.  It was a nice distraction to everything that is currently happening.  Please don’t write me and tell me how irresponsible I was by taking my family out.  We took precautions like not going to the crowded ice cream shop and went into stores that were mostly empty.

What is happening?  I really don’t think anyone knows, it changes by the hour.  Several states have started closing bars and restaurants, other states have started closing hotels.  I spoke to a gentleman from Hong Kong this morning trying to get home before everything is closed and before Hong Kong imposes quarantine efforts on anyone from the US.  He told me, I never thought I would ever say a restriction of media is a good thing but after being here in the US and watching this play out in real time, he said “I feel very sorry for you.  Your media has truly made this far worse.”  I get what he is saying, I do, they are reporting on the toilet paper shortages, making it worse because people are losing their minds over toilet paper.  I mean there are only so many stories that will keep the masses glued to their station.  With the stories and the fear of no toilet paper, it makes people on edge and little things become daunting.  I actually do have to go to the store today to pick up a prescription and I don’t even want to do that because people are crazy.  I will go because my child needs her medicine and their might come a day next week where they might be closed.  I am thinking I might pick up some seeds for some vegetables, I might actually be able to garden with some unexpected time off on my hands.

Today I actually told an older guest over the phone that she should follow the CDC guidelines and not come.  She said they are traveling from Florida to their home in Connecticut and they don’t want to sleep in their car.  The hotels are opened here, after the Disney and Vegas announcement this morning, it is really scary to think all hotels may close up shop soon.

I do understand why this is happening, I really do.  However, right now until the mortgage companies say they will suspend payments for the next 2 months, I am freaking out.  I am grateful most utility companies have made that statement, I do wish the mortgage companies would do the same thing.  There are some of us, who are ineligible for unemployment because we just started a new job and have not been at the place of business for 90 days.  We also don’t have vacation or sick leave because we have not been there the set amount of time.  These are the issues, I am dealing with.  The thought of not being able to pay my mortgage.  It is great they are keeping the utilities on but if you don’t have a house or an apartment to live in, what good is it?

It is going to get worse before it gets better, no doubt about that.  I really wish people would stop losing their minds.  I am also of the belief that if a vaccine happens in the next 30 days, half the people in this country wouldn’t get it anyways.  I don’t want this to turn into a vaccine fight because it isn’t about that, it is only an observation I am making.  This is the first year in recent memory, I got my flu shot on the first day it was available.  Why did I do that?  People are gross and I can’t be home sick for a couple of weeks.  I was also flying to see my 88 year old grandmother and 96 year old grandmother (she sadly passed in early January) and I did not want to do anything to get them sick.  Outside of yesterday, I have been limiting my interactions with friends, even co-workers (I am a good 25 ft away from the front desk).  I have been going to work and going home, even at home I sit in a little book nook away from my husband and kids.  Will this keep everyone safe?  I have no idea and probably not because we are in the same room with each other.

I needed some distractions from everything, because getting mass list of closures out to fellow concierges is not an easy task and is very soul crushing.  The last event that was cancelled about an hour ago was the Mass of St. Patrick and a small procession of families walking the parade route.  After that news, I decided to look up animals, baby animals and I sent everyone a puggle (a baby platypus).  I figured I would post the picture here for everyone to enjoy and maybe bring a smile to your face.


Not my picture – taken from Pinterest

A couple of parting thoughts… stop hoarding the toilet paper.  What are you going to do with 800 rolls of toilet paper?  Ramen noodles and other random non-perishable foods, this isn’t a Hurricane, it is a Pandemic, we still have power and water.  WASH YOUR HANDS (especially important if you don’t have toilet paper).  Mimosas have Vitamin C in them, sit back relax and have a drink.  Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus (it is really good) so watch some TV, paint, or garden to take your mind off of everything.

Remember if you need to talk to someone please know there are people to help at The National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.


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