Did I Miss Something?

I had to venture to Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a prescription for my daughter. Did I completely miss the memo there is a Hurricane and a Zombie Apocalypse? I have seen bare shelves in the past because of hurricanes but we still have soap and toilet paper. This is absolutely insane, the following photos were taken around 5:14pm 3/16/2020.

I was, still am in shock by what I saw. No paper goods at all (napkins, Kleenex, Toilet Paper, all gone). The no soap, the whole washing your hands thing is gone out the window. The no water, we are not having a hurricane and we don’t live in Flint, so our water is safe to drink. No bread even during a hurricane that aisle didn’t look like that. The pain relief aisle and vitamin aisle, seriously what is happening? We have all lost our minds.

I had lady yesterday, who screamed at me because I was on the phone and made a remark, I guess it was little loud about how she wasn’t in a parking spot and it wasn’t Princess Parking. The lady tore into me, I looked at her and said I wasn’t talking to you, about you yes to you no. I walked away into Wal-Mart. People are losing their minds, the same lady lost her mind in the soap aisle, screaming at an employee how in the hell don’t you have soap or toilet paper. Another patron stepped in and said something to her, she stormed out of the store. It isn’t the staff’s fault, this is worse than a Black Friday, people are literally losing their minds over toilet paper.

The level of how many people don’t get it, stay home, be away from people is staggering. I had numerous conversations with people today saying oh we are coming this weekend are you still going to be opened? We probably will be but the restaurants, bars, tours and museums are closing. I have no idea what you will do when you are here. I am trying to be as honest and diplomatic as possible, it is harder by the day. Many restaurants are doing To-Go only or are closing temporarily (I hope). The bars are still opened here, however states around us are starting to close everything for 30 days. The news is grim, I had friends yesterday who work in hotels, to be prepared they will probably have to draw unemployment benefits very soon (like next week). This is a very scary time and people are talking this will happen through JUNE.

I once again stand by my statement, I would feel a lot better if the banks would exempt payment for two months. The burden would be lifted, quite frankly I would sleep a lot better. I do hope they consider this option many of us would sleep a lot better.

Today I decided to dawn my green, put on a smile and enjoy a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah. This will definitely be a St. Patrick’s Day to remember.

Me on St. Patrick’s Day 2020 – I also have fabulous green shoes and a green skirt

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