It has begun…

The next eight weeks will be the toughest the hospitality industry has ever seen. I can assure you the layoffs have begun. It is beyond scary, yes unemployment will help many, however many don’t make much as it is. Unemployment will be about 1/2 of our normal pay. For those who get tips, bellmen, valet, bartenders, severs, housekeepers, etc. it will even be worse.

What can be done? Really nothing. We know it is the right call and we know this is how we protect the masses. Then the next breath we wonder how are we going to make it. We wonder how many places will be left after this is all said and done. I hope none will be lost, however I know that will not be possible. Many new hotels have opened in Savannah those are the ones I worry about. The places that don’t have the history and the capital to survive something like this. Those are the places that are going to be the hardest hit. There are two new hotels that are supposed to be opening in the next two months, one is the J.W. Marriott that has been delayed several times and an aLoft, both are almost finished. I think they had opening dates for later this month or early April. Not to mention the other hotels that have broken ground. Nothing like a global pandemic to step in and wake everyone up that all these hotels might not be a good idea.

I am tired of all the doom and gloom and am trying really hard to look on the bright side. The bright side is covered in fog, a lot of fog. I know this shall pass, it is going to be a hard road ahead. I do hope the banks will defer all mortgage payments for the next two months. I think this one action would put so many people at ease during this difficult time. I wish the people in charge would see this, to me it is a no-brainer, what is the single biggest expense for most people? Rent or their mortgage. Everything else is nice but you want to help the economy? Do this on top of what you are planning.

I do plan on painting, gardening and making some liquid some over the next couple of days. Since my kids are on Spring Break this week we are going easy on them. Next week will be a different story, I explained to them both they needed to learn some life skills, sewing, cooking, giving dogs baths, and how to properly disinfect the home if someone is sick. It will be interesting because both kids have this ewe factor when it comes to the bathroom. My house will smell of bleach and be spotless. Take care everyone and remember we are all in this together and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!

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