Wow… It Has Only Been a Week

This time last week I was in shock and disbelief St. Patrick’s Day had been cancelled. Today I am sitting here numb by what I have seen in the past week. The closures, the cut hours, the layoffs and now the worry of what next.

Since yesterday numerous friends have been furloughed. People who I consider to be essential staff to run a hotel. Restaurants have closed their doors (hopefully for a short amount of time). I know it is coming, all guides tours, bars and bowling alleys will be shut down on Saturday at 8am if the city council approves it. The restaurants will be at 1/2 capacity only. With nothing to do there is no need for a concierge. I know I am going to go into work, tomorrow or next week and then be told – sorry that is it until this blows over.

I told my kids and explained it the best possible way, both were shocked but understood. I do have some great kids. The next couple of months will be interesting, I am hoping and praying that my husband will continue to receive a pay check through this. Mine will be up in the air (if I qualify for unemployment, etc.) I am hoping this will be a small inconvenience and everything will work out in the end. I will say my kids are going to be happy when everything gets back to normal, they aren’t digging Life Skills 101. The gardening today was fun, Booga was outside with me for a little while. My next day off I will be planting beans, peas and beats in containers. It should be fun.

To wrap this up it truly is remarkable how your life can change so drastically is a week’s time. The unknown is scary and I know we will get through this. #hospitalitystrong

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