It Happened…

Yesterday, I was laid off from the best job ever. Everyone was so apologetic, they knew I knew it was coming. I didn’t feel bad for me, I will be fine I felt bad for my General Manager, Director of Human Resources and my boss because I knew how many more they had to do. I know once everything gets back to normal I will have a job again. Whether it is at my current place or somewhere else. I do wish I had more time because there was so much more I wanted to do. I hope that I will get that call very soon to come back.

I am far less uneasy because we did get confirmation that my hubby will still continue to receive a paycheck and hopefully soon I will get unemployment. That is a very long process however it will be worth it in the long run. I am actually far more at ease now being able to stay home. People are gross and very selfish, I am glad I can stay home to help flatten the curve.

There you have it, I am officially unemployed until COVID-19 decides it is too damn hot and muggy to be around. Here is hoping it will be quick and there is one hell of a party after this is all done with!

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