The Search of Toilet Paper…

Yesterday, the hubs went grocery shopping early in the morning (8am). The store didn’t have much meat, chicken or lunch meat. They also didn’t have toilet paper. We were talking and I told him I had to run to Walmart so I would check. I went, there was none but they did have Kleenex, gummy bears, wine, Zyrtec and lawn bags. I decided to search some more for toilet paper. I went to CVS, they had paper towels! The lady who was ahead of me was berating the cashier over her favorite brand of deodorant, she can’t find it anywhere. I wish that was my biggest problem right now. She left and I talked to the nice gentleman at the counter. We both agreed that deodorant is the last thing on our minds right now.

I then decided to check out Ace and the Dollar Store because a lady at Publix heard they got some in. I took a drive over, Dollar Store nothing but was packed (so much for social distancing). I went to Ace, I need paint thinner anyways. Once again packed with people. The guy behind me was not following the social distancing guidelines and I pointed it out to him. The cashier mentioned Dollar General had some. I ran over to Dollar General, nothing but a patron walked in said Kroger just opened some.

I went to Kroger, since I never go grocery shopping it took me a minute to find the aisle. Their was one gentleman there handing out toilet paper, 2 max. There was this lady trying to get 6 paper towels, and 4 packs of toilet paper. He finally told her if she continued to argue with him he was calling security. I wasn’t surprised because people have lost their minds.

My prize! I told the hubs I wanted a Mission Accomplished! Banner for my troubles

There you have it seven stores to find toilet paper. People have lost their minds however, I have wine, gummy bears, and now toilet paper. All is right with the world!

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