Two Weeks… What?!?!?!

It has been two weeks since everything started to shut down. Two weeks ago we were anxiously awaiting St. Patrick’s Day. This has been a Twilight Zone experience. Everything has shut down, we are all supposed to be practicing social distancing and people want to throw parties. Let’s get a couple food trucks in the neighborhood and people can practice social distancing (no, no they can’t – stop it!)

I want this over too, I want to go back to work. I miss my job, I miss my desk, I miss being able to tell tourists about useless information about Savannah. I get it this is not fun and you are bored, I am too. I am painting and listening to The Great Gatsby on audiobook. I managed to screw my back up, it involved a very furry, dirty dog and a bath. I had been exercising however, this definitely put a damper on everything.

I tried to apply for unemployment insurance today. The system is back logged, I felt so bad for the gentleman on the phone. Apparently they enter every claim manually, they have over 15,000 claims. They will try to have everything done by next week. I also have to apply for three new jobs a week, in an industry where no body is hiring.

I say it again as much as I want it to go back to normal, I want everyone to be safe. I want to go back to work, I want the kids to go back to school, I want life to go back to normal. To say everything will be back to normal by Easter is ridiculous, it would be nice but it isn’t going to happen.

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