Happy Easter

I want to start by saying it doesn’t feel like Easter. I am used to an incredibly busy weekend trying to find brunch reservations for people who forgot it was Easter. This year it is me with my leg brace sitting on a heating pad, trying to figure out if I am actually going to put real clothes on today (outlook not so good on that one). I usually have things stashed for Easter Baskets this year nothing, my kids got candy (jelly beans, chocolate Easter Bunny and Fudge eggs from my hometown). I feel bad because I usually do really cool baskets for them, they understand it is still disappointing.

We did color eggs yesterday. We always decorate them with crayons first.

I used gel food coloring with a toothpick (you don’t need much, a swirl around the container – if you want it darker use a new toothpick), vinegar (about a TBSP) and hot water (enough to cover the egg) these are the brightest eggs ever!

Eggs in the dye
As you can see very bright colors (we had four casualties).

It was fun but it still didn’t feel like Easter. Usually we have people come over, I go to work, I get home there is lots of food and drink to be had. This year it is very laid back, food will be had, drinks too, it will just be us, a very whiny dog and one who desperately needs a bath.

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