What Day Is It?

I can honestly say, I have no idea. I have reached the point in this social isolation that I have no idea what day it is, when the last time I wore pants or jeans was, or when I last wore makeup (the last one I know March 20th). I find going to the mail box or a walk around my yard, scaring cats away from my plants enjoyable, despite the leg/back pain. I managed to screw up my back with Reeva’s help. I am eagerly anticipating my acupuncture mat coming tomorrow (or so the tracking says). The pain has been horrible, my whole leg spasms at once, so I can’t put any weight on it. Sleeping has been just as bad, my FitBit sleep readings have been bad – 3 hours of sleep with a sleep score of 52 (it has been really rough).

It was a shortened school week with Good Friday being tomorrow. I have been reminded several times today Easter is Sunday. No real spectacular Easter Baskets this year because you can’t go get anything. I guess I might be able to justify it, going to the Dollar Store, I really don’t want to be around people. I wish this would all be over so I could go back to my job, I really miss my job.

I am starting an online free certification class on the 11th for hospitality management. I figured might as well since I have nothing else to do. Booga’s Spanish teacher also sent a link for 3 free months of Rosetta Stone, so I started the Spanish lesson today. It would be nice to go back to work and know basic Spanish.

I am hoping my mat works and my back and leg gets back to normal so I can continue cleaning and doing full exercises (I have only been doing arm exercises – my arms are looking good). Maybe I will get around to cleaning the garage.

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