My New Love – Audiobooks

I have never made it a secret I am a huge nerd, I love documentaries. I listen to documentaries when I paint, so a home improvement project. I then discovered Podcasts, I was listening to a Podcast (I believe it was Catch and Kill – Ronan Farrow mentioned he loved listening to Audiobooks faster than normal). I thought, I might need to try that because my dislike of audiobooks – they speak so slow. I always picture Ben Stein reading these books (Dear God, Read at a normal pace).

Our library has increased the amount of digital books you can rent a month from 4 to 6. I figured I would explore the audiobook section. The first book was the Great Gatsby, I never read it so I figured would try the increase of speed and give it a shot. I increased the speed to 1.5 (nothing crazy) and found it enjoyable. I finished the book in a couple days.

I found Nixon’s Gamble, interesting book. Trying to disprove Deep Throat as Mark Felt. The book said Deep Throat was actually William Sullivan. Interesting, asked a lot of questions but why would Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein not reveal it when Sullivan died in 1977. Deep Throat’s identity wasn’t revealed until 2005, when Mark Felt announced it. The reporters always stated they would not reveal until Deep Throat either died or revealed themselves. Deep Throat has always been a shadowy figure, surrounded in mystery. All in all not a bad listen.

My next book was Catch 22. I have tried to read Catch 22, four times and never got past page 100. I figured I would give it a shot. It went much better, I finished the book. It was a pretty good book to listen too. I will probably never read or listen to it again, but I can add it to my finished list finally!

I am currently listening to “A Night to Remember” by Walter Lord. A book all about the Titanic sinking, considering April 15, 1912 was the date Titanic sank, I thought it is most appropriate to listen to one of the premier books written about the sinking. I am half finished with it, the Audiobook is much longer than the actual sinking of the ship.

If you are looking for a change up the speed of your audiobooks, you won’t regret it!

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