So Many Things

I guess I don’t understand the anger about staying home. I mean you pay for this place every month but you barely spend time there. Now you are actually getting the money out of your investment. I get it you want to paint and fix it up but you can’t. You want to start seeds for your garden but you can’t, I have a secret you still can by ordering on-line. Besides the seed selections on-line are far superior to anything in the stores. Many of the better seeds are small businesses opposed to a big box store.

I want this to be over more than anybody, however I don’t want to risk my life because someone is traveling when sick. Trust me, it happens all the time. People are gross, I can’t tell you how many times I watched a guest blow their nose, cough without covering their mouth or sneeze without covering right in front of you and then want to shake your hand. I always have hand sanitizer at my desk and Kleenex. People are gross and before all this I guess never washed their hands. I am one of the first people you see when you walk into a hotel and the one person you get closest to in a hotel (my desk is maybe 3’ wide, a front desk can be almost 4’ wide). This is by design so you feel relaxed with us and we can better serve you. The down side, we get sick a lot. I have gotten my flu shot every year except one and that one year I had the flu for two weeks. We get strep, the sniffles, a cough, we get it all. I also think COVID-19 was here in the US before January/February of this year because several co-workers had this mysterious flu-like, bronchitis mess that lasted forever back in early December. I took so much Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C, that I thought I was going to OD on it. I was eating Vitamin C like they were gummy bears. I was the only person in the front office who didn’t get sick. Everyone got tested for the flu and no one had it and it seemed they would feel better, no fever and then bam, the fever would come back and they would be worse. I felt bad for my co-workers who had it because you only have so many sick days and vacation days. Many came to work deathly ill because they had to. Some people don’t understand that and it is quite obvious most don’t care, especially when traveling. I was helping at the front desk one day because someone was sick, a guest walked over to my desk sat down. I finished with the guest I was helping, walked to my desk apologizing for her wait. The guest let me have it, it wasn’t her fault we were short staffed and this desk needs to be occupied at all times. Those are the same people who want the economy opened right now, so they can travel to one of their three homes. I personally don’t want it opened until there is widespread testing and that is not happening.

I am hoping this ends soon but I don’t want to be responsible for getting someone sick. Testing needs to happen first.

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