I’m Tired…

I am sure many people are saying this right now. Yes, I live in a state that is “opened” that doesn’t mean I am going to the Tattoo parlor or getting my nails done or my hair for that matter. I am staying put and I will say my patiences are non-existence. Everyone is bored, whining and are ready for this to be over. Many people are acting like this is over, we are bored and want to live our lives. Trust me I do too, but I don’t want to kill anyone.

Tours are starting to open here, which has me very uneasy because most hotels are not open yet. The hotels that are open, are sitting at 4-10% occupancy. People are coming here because we are “opened” but we aren’t open. The list of places that don’t plan on reopening is growing. I have also know of several people who have been terminated from their position because there isn’t money to keep them on. I know this list is going to grow. Right now I am in limbo, do I wait and see about my old job or do I look for something else? I loved my job, it was everything I had worked towards. My position was eliminated with the hope later this summer they can call me back. Do I wait and see or do I look for something else? There are currently no places in Savannah with a concierge because the hotels don’t want them. I chose to be a concierge because I love it and I knew deep down this could happen (well not this) because concierges are expendable. I saw is after 9/11 and during the recession of 2008. The concierges were the first to go and the last to comeback.

So we are back to square one. Wash your hands, wear a mask and social distance!

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