Back to Work…

Well sort of. I received a call from one of the local tour companies asking if I wanted to help them out a couple days a week. I figured why not as long as I still qualify for unemployment I will do it. So this week coming up I am working a couple days. I have been provided with a mask, wipes and hand sanitizer. I have also upped my Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. Early on I was speaking with a nurse who knows a doctor in Wuhan, who told him the people they increased those vitamins did better than those who didn’t. I also have O- blood which is also supposed to help with immunity.

I admit I am concerned about this because people are gross and don’t seem to care. They are on vacation, so no mask needed. I mean we have been on lockdown for 8 weeks and people have forgotten basic manners and their ever loving minds. They watched a YouTube video (a “documentary”) and that person said we don’t have to wear masks, drink tonic water and we will be fine. I am personally not going to buy into it. I will wear my mask and protect myself and others. Are mask hot, uncomfortable, make your glasses fog? Yes, however I come into contact with hundreds of people a day, it is for my protection and your protection.

I also want to address going out to eat and leaving bad reviews right now. My message DON’T DO IT! These restaurants have been closed for 6-8 weeks and are reopening to a new normal with PPE and social distancing. The last thing they need is you complaining that the service was slow because you waited an extra 5 minutes for your fries. Talk to management, don’t go blasting your story on Social Media. It makes you look like a jerk. These restaurants need our help, not a bunch of jerks complaining that their server was slow and wearing a mask. Yes, one of the comments I read was the server was wearing a mask – I wish there was a slap feature on the iPhone.

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