A New Normal…

Many things can be said of this new normal, the thing that sticks with me the most is the lack of touching. No hugs (I miss hugs – I am a hugger), nobody wants paper maps or brochures and people will steal hand sanitizer (not lying on this one – liquid gold, I tell you) and people are also taking the toilet paper out of their rooms when they checkout (they ask for more and take it all – not kidding on this one).

First day back – all masked up

The mask…

I am required to wear a mask my whole shift. They are hot and uncomfortable, I keep forgetting not to put makeup on the bottom half of my face. This is my barrier, most concierges do not have the protection of glass to help shield them from sneezes, etc. I have mentioned people are gross, today I had someone who stood at my desk and coughed the whole time (no mask). They also mentioned where they were from (Fulton County Georgia) this did not put me at ease. I only had two people who had a mask on talk with me today.

Did we forget that this is a thing? Seriously, I have been chastised because I think people should be wearing a mask. I even had to state if given the choice I would have taken one before this. People are gross! I have been spit on, handed money that came from socks and boobs, coughed on, thrown up on (not my favorite), held someone’s split open head together until EMS arrived, sneezed on, and even had to clean a chair that someone pooped on – people are gross! If I had been given a choice I would have gladly wore one. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten sick from a guest. The other thing that happens is we (co-workers) give it to each other. I can say with all honesty, I think COVID-19 was here way before February. Back in late November a couple of my co-workers had a bronchitis infection that wasn’t bronchitis and had high fevers with no positive flu test. I sterilized everything, upped my Zinc, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C and took Airborne like it was going out of style. I also got my flu shot very early October 1st I happened to be at the pharmacy when they got the first shipment in. Yes, I get my flu shot every year because people are gross. The one year I didn’t get it, I got the flu and was down for over a week. I have always been OCD during flu season. I have extended this behavior to now and I get to wear a mask.

Me in my mask – day 2 (lot more sweat – it was hot today)

I will continue to wear my mask (for as long as I can) and silently judge those who aren’t. I mean we are in this together, even if members of government don’t see it that way. I mean how did this become such a polarizing issue? It is a mask, you aren’t being asked to dance naked in the aisles of Walmart (I am sure it has happened). People are asking you to put a damn mask on, so you don’t give this virus to someone else. I get we have to get back to “normal” but there is nothing normal about this situation. I want to be safe and I want the people I love to stay safe as well. I cannot guarantee this right now. I come home from work, I go directly into the shower. I am taking this very seriously because I could never forgive myself if I unwittingly gave it to someone else. The mask is like a bra, they are uncomfortable and make you sweat and I get it trust me 8 hours in one of these is crazy. It is miserable and I still have to be nice and cheerful, I get by because I know wearing a mask shows I give a damn (even if it mutual). It isn’t perfect but it is the best damn thing we have right now.

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