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Blog to Web 101 Page

I am overwhelmed by the responses I have gotten on this series.  I thought the easiest way to keep everything in one place would be to do a Blog to Web 101 Page.  I plan on adding more stuff I have a couple really good ones coming up.  I hope y’all enjoy it and continue … Continue reading

Not So Wordless Wednesday…

I get a package from Amazon yesterday addressed to me (I admit I love packages – think of me as a little kid at Christmas).  I opened it and to my shock and disbelief I find this a Wacom Bamboo Tablet – no packing slip, card or anything.  Besides my initial reaction (not PG think … Continue reading

The GIANT To-Do List

Let me say this list is a self imposed list (or partly self imposed list) that will not be completed any time soon because it means movement off the couch.  I keep saying I’m grounded to the couch and I am grateful for all the warm wishes I have received.  So what the hell is … Continue reading