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JELL-O Jelly Beans

Several years ago when I was a poor college student I found myself away from home on Easter but I wanted to do something fun for my friends and I. So I went to the store and found a JELL-O Jelly Bean Tray and bought it so I could make JELL-O shaped like Jelly Beans. … Continue reading

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Well this is Booga’s first Easter and I really wanted him to have his very own Chocolate Easter Bunny but he is only 6 months old. I found another blog Raised by Wolfesand she had a great idea create a “chocolate bunny” out of brown felt. I had to make one for my little man. … Continue reading

The Garden!

This weekend we went to ACE Hardware and bought tomato and pepper plants. I planted 6 Better Boys, 6 Celebrity and 9 Sweet Banana Pepper plants. I also planted 4 cherry tomato plants (I think they are cherry tomato plants) that I grew from seeds. I only took a picture of the tomato bed, Jillian … Continue reading

Sun Catchers…

Sun Catchers…

One of the best gifts I have gotten in the past 2 years is a magazine subscription for Family Fun Magazine. My grandma got it as a gift when I left the hotel so I would have endless ideas to keep Jillian occupied. The magazine gives great rainy day projects and since Savannah seems to … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning…

Well Vincent is big enough for his own room now, so I am cleaning out my craft room (sniff – sniff) and transforming it into his bedroom. I have always known I have a lot of stuff but this is putting everything into perspective (I have a lot of art & craft supplies) the problem … Continue reading

Started Planting Seeds!

Since it is officially the Second Day of Spring and it is raining, Jillian and I made a sign wishing everyone a Happy 1st Day of Spring! She also made Littlest Pet Shops out of play dough. Yesterday was a busy day outside! Jeff and I painted the shutters on the house green. Jillian helped … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today was a cloudy, raining, cold day so the garden was not in the cards today. So today we cooked and baked! Our morning started with green eggs and green grits. My daughter thought it was really cool that her eggs were green. Wow, that doesn’t look appetizing but it was!   My daughter eating … Continue reading

Reworking the Garden Again…

Well I made a lot of progress today in the garden, I worked for over 2 hours by myself in the backyard (applause). I measured the beds, leveled the walkway, roped off the beds, and edged all of the beds. After all that work I decided 14 beds is way too much work for me. … Continue reading

Reworking the Garden Plan…

So after spending the off season planning my raised bed garden I have decided to throw that idea away and start over. I decided to just dig up the backyard and plant the stuff directly in the ground opposed to doing raised beds. For the record it is just weeds there anyways, so it isn’t … Continue reading

The Garden

Well yesterday was the prefect day to clean the backyard and start building beds. My backyard is 27 1/2′ wide (from house to the back fence). I plan on only using a little less than 1/2 the yard for my garden this year, which will be comprised of 10 beds (11 including my daughter’s bed). … Continue reading