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My Indoor Garden Experiment

I love to garden it is relaxing and makes me feel good that I can grow food for my family (and flowers for myself).  The flip side is I kill every plant I bring inside my house.  Seriously my house is a DEAD ZONE, I have killed so many house plants and I have no … Continue reading

Pitchers and Catchers Report

So every year there is a lull in sports (at least for me) the two weeks after the Super Bowl until the day Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training.  I hate basketball and college basketball, hockey doesn’t hold my interest like it use to so I watch ESPN and hold my nose – I … Continue reading

Garden Plan 2011

Oh yes it is that time of year to plan and start my GARDEN!!!  This year I concluded my garden will be the same size as last year but I am going to modify it to produce more vegetables (companion gardening).  This year I am moving the garden in by a foot from the fence … Continue reading

Spring Time Photos…

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside so I decided to take pictures of the kids outside. I also played with Photoshop after I uploaded them. I love this photo of my daughter it is definitely one of my favorites. I really wanted to try some things in Photoshop. I love how this turned out my Aunt … Continue reading

Fairy House

Saturday was the Fairy House building at Oatland Island. Jillian had a blast, I also had fun! It was the first year they did this so the age groups were quite large 0-7, 8-13, and 14 + and they only had 1 prize for first place. I think they should have had ribbons for all … Continue reading

The Allergy Fog…

Well this week has been highly unproductive! I have had 2 sick kids and I have also been under the allergy fog, making for an unproductive week in all aspects of my life (cleaning, cooking, crafting, etc.) Savannah is having a record breaking allergy season and I knew it would only be a matter of … Continue reading

Happy Easter…

The Easter Bunny made his stop last night and left footprints behind. I wanted Easter to be memorable for Jillian especially since she hasn’t been feeling good (a bad sinus infection.) I had an idea to make bunny prints (Baking Soda and a stencil) in front of Jillian’s basket and in front of her door. … Continue reading

Easter Pictures

Well today we went and saw the Easter Bunny still creepy as always, but the kids really liked it. Booga is wearing the outfit Jeff wore when he was 6 months old. I also love the fact that my daughter and the Booga are making the same exact face. I am a little disappointed in … Continue reading