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One Step Closer

Several years ago we had a water/mold incident in our living room. It ended up with us ripping up the whole living room carpet, treating and replacing the floor. At the time money was extremely tight but we needed a functioning living room. I decided to do a paper bag floor. Fast forward to today … Continue reading

When Anxiety Happens

I have never really talked about my anxiety, it has always been a taboo topic. No one wants to be friends with someone who has depression or anxiety issues, you just don’t speak of it or you joke about it – it was how I was raised, everyone knew but no one spoke of it. … Continue reading

Things You Learn

I rarely stay in a hotel, I work in one why do I want to stay in one? I have managed to lock myself out of my room four times. Yes I am that guest who keeps locking their keys in the room. I also learned today I am that crazy person who gets on … Continue reading

Time Passes

I have not written in a very, very long time so where to begin.  I started painting again, and am definitely working towards my goal of getting into a gallery.  I am have switched jobs, I am no longer work at the Westin.  I left and became a concierge at Hotel Indigo.  My previous Director … Continue reading

Another Hurricane?

I haven’t really posted since the last Hurricane, not because I haven’t had anything to say, it is more how to say it.  I decided to do a Cliff Notes version of what has been going on since Hurricane Matthew.  I got a promotion at work, at first I truly did love then it became … Continue reading

4th and 26th

Many of you who read my blog or have read my blog know I am a die hard Packers Fan and have been my whole life.  I titled this blog 4th and 26th because it is a reminder of how close the Packers to winning the NFC Championship and with 4th and 26th, blew it with … Continue reading

I am finished!

It has been a long two years, lack of sleep, lots of reading, lots and lots of writing and I am happy to report only two breakdowns, (one revolved around accounting and the other was Human Biology) and I am a college graduate.  I graduated with High Honors (Summa Cum Laude) and was invited to … Continue reading

2016 – How Did That Happen?

In 10 weeks I will be officially finished with my Business Degree, I am in shock and very, very excited.  I managed to hold a 3.97 GPA while working full-time.  I am so excited to be almost finished – March 16, 2016 cannot come soon enough! I officially started learning Spanish, a slow process, however … Continue reading

The Holiday Bustle

I wanted to let everyone know I am alive and kicking.  I survived Gingerbread Village 2015 and Boat Parade.  It was a long November with school, Gingerbread, Boat Parade, somehow I survived and got some much needed time off.  I started creating again it was definitely put on the back burner with school and work. … Continue reading

Day 16

So today I really thought tears were going to happen, my arms feel like they weighed 1,000 pounds each.  You wouldn’t think 3 pound weights would make a grown woman cry, but 16 days worth of 3 pound weights almost did.  I will say I am far less sore after a ten and a half … Continue reading