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A Toaster

A Toaster

Several years ago for Christmas I received a Darth Vader Toaster from my grandma, we loved it and got a huge kick out of it. Darth lived on the counter space next to the stove. Wally recently started going through the trash again so we have been putting the trash can on the counter in … Continue reading

Homemade Pizza Dough – No Yeast

One of the most surprising things to come out of this pandemic is how many people are apparently baking bread. I put yeast and flour on the grocery list because I wanted to teach the kids how to bake bread during this. The hubs came home empty handed, no flour or yeast to be found. … Continue reading

March the longest month ever…

The first two weeks of March flew by as they usually do. The last two weeks have been about 2,000 days long. I guess that is what happens when you have to stay in one place and are not supposed to go anywhere. People panic buying toilet paper, water, and every milk, chicken, eggs and … Continue reading

Home Economics

I admit I don’t have the best record in Home Economics. My 7th grade year, I got a C because my classmates forgot to turn off the oven and almost caught the school on fire (I was home sick with strep – I happened to be on oven duty that week). My 8th grade year, … Continue reading