Home Economics

I admit I don’t have the best record in Home Economics. My 7th grade year, I got a C because my classmates forgot to turn off the oven and almost caught the school on fire (I was home sick with strep – I happened to be on oven duty that week). My 8th grade year, I got another C because my sewing partner ran over his hand while sewing. There was a lot of blood and my teacher almost passed out. I pulled the needle out of his hand and told him it was a flesh wound and he would be fine. I still have no idea how he managed that. One thing I wanted to make sure of after this is all over was to make sure my kids know how to cook on a stove (simple things like rice, pasta and cookies) and how to sew on a button, we might even make pillow cases. Today we made cookies, I didn’t help I let them do it.

I made sure they practiced proper hygiene, washing hands and pulled the oldest hair back. I explained why this had to happen. I also made sure they had a separate bowl for the egg, I don’t want shells in my cookies. They got to work, I advised them to read everything first so they knew exactly what was coming.

No judging it was a bag of Betty Crocker – Sugar Cookie mix (it is a start).
Adding the egg
More Mixing
Finished cookies

They were very excited with their cookies. More home economics coming later this week.

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