Homemade Pizza Dough – No Yeast

One of the most surprising things to come out of this pandemic is how many people are apparently baking bread. I put yeast and flour on the grocery list because I wanted to teach the kids how to bake bread during this. The hubs came home empty handed, no flour or yeast to be found. I was shocked, yeast and flour? You know that flour has zero shelf life in the south right? I can’t tell you how fast flour goes bad here (I usually put it in a plastic container in the fridge). The kids made banana bread the other day (blog post forthcoming) and had just enough flour left for pizza dough with no yeast.

I forgot to take photos in the beginning, so you only have the ball after it was cut in half.

1/2 the dough in a ball
My children said the sauce needs to swirl in order for it to be good.
We shredded our own cheese – there was no Mozzarella so Colby Jack was our cheese of choice.
Pepperoni – we had the pepperoni because Booga loves pepperoni
We did a square pizza- apparently I only have one circle pan
Adding cheese and olives – I did brush the edges with garlic butter (everyone agreed that we need to brush the whole pizza before the sauce next time).
She really liked her pizza
He enjoyed it too
Like I said my picture taking was a little light this time around.

The recipe was from Pinterest find. The actual link where the recipe can be found is here: https://www.insidetherustickitchen.com/instant-pizza-dough-no-rise-no-yeast/. I would suggest adding some garlic butter to the dough before you add salt. It is a thin crust pizza, it is definitely one we will be making again.

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