(Semi) Wordless Wednesday – Work in Progress

My angels (which will be pink and 50% will be donated to breast cancer awareness), the gingerbread man, snowman and my Happy Trees (my tribute to Bob Ross – lol).  Crappy cell phone photo – yay!

The holiday season is about giving so I plan on giving.  I plan on each ornament having a charity associated with it and donating 50% of the proceeds to a specific charity.  I get asked quite frequently why?  Why do I donate my hard earned money to charity?  My answer there are people and items that need it far more than me.  If I didn’t make these and sell them I would not be able to donate because I would not be able to afford to donate.  I have a couple ideas on what charities for what ornaments.  I also plan on making a couple more ornaments for Hospice (a butterfly), baby rattle (March of Dimes or St. Jude or both), a star (Trevor’s Project) and a bell for the Salvation Army.  I do want to donate to National Charities opposed to local charities so it can benefit everyone opposed to my area.  I have no idea how many I will finish but I figure every little bit helps.  The ornaments will be $20.00 which means $10.00 will go to the charity associated with the ornament. 

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