Thankful Thursday – Ornament Donation Breakdown

Instead of my normal Thankful Thursday post I am doing my donation list for my ornaments instead (I think very appropriate).  So I have spent quite sometime thinking about the breakdown of each ornament (my goal is to have 5 of each, ambitious I know with two small children) and my reason why I chose that organization.

Angel – Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Breast Cancer Awareness is essential for preventing this dieasese and the Susan G. Komen Foundation is one of the most recognizable organizations for Breast Cancer Research.

Tree – National Wildlife Federation – My favorite foundation and I have been donating to them for years.

Snowman – St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital  – My mom’s favorite charity.  My family every year even through the very lean years always donated to St. Jude’s.

Gingerbread Man – Feeding America  – No child should ever go hungry.

Star – The Trevor Project – I have lost too many friends to bullying and it needs to stop.

Bell – Salvation Army  – Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money and I remember when my dad was laid off, the only reason we had food was because the local Salvation Army stocked our cabinets.  There are people out there who do not qualify for Government Aid because they own too much and are literary starving (that was my family’s case – my parents owned our house and two cars outright, so we did not qualify for aid).  Every year I make sure to throw a little extra in the red bucket because they really do help!

Dove or Butterfly – Hospice Savannah (this is the only local charity because the general Hospice site goes towards net services not local Hospice Services) – My grandmother help start one of the first Hospices in Michigan and is still active as a volunteer to this day.  I have stuff many, many envelopes for Delta County Hospice and if they had a website it would be going to that branch of Hospice.

Baby something (not sure yet) – March of Dimes – Who doesn’t want to help babies?

As I stated in an earlier post I plan on selling each ornament for $20 – I have been told that, that is way too cheap by many people.  I am doing that for many reasons.  First, many named brand ornaments (everyone knows what I am talking about) are around $15-$25 and nothing goes to charity.  If I keep it to $20 it will be the same as a “name brand” ornament but I am giving 50% to charity.  I personally wouldn’t pay any more than $20 for an ornament (unless it is a Radko Ornament).  I cringed at paying $10 for an ornament last year I made my own for my kids because I wanted to document what they were into.  I also was talking to my mom today and I told her I was have fun and I want other people to have fun and not worry about paying an arm and a leg for an ornament.

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