Wow! Wow! Wow!

This morning I woke up and was not going to turn on my computer (I saw a nap in my future, since my son woke up at 5:20am) so I checked my email on my phone.  It said Etsy Transaction and I am reading and thought my account had been hacked and someone bought six items under my name.  All I could think of was great this is going to be a huge pain.  I started reading what was purchased: Monarch Butterfly, Brown Pelican, Dragonfly, Travel Checkers – then it hit me someone bought six items from me!  Even as I type I am still in shock, so I have had a wonderful day and if I am not on for a couple days it is because I am working on “refilling” my Etsy Store (happy dance!)

Here are the items that were sold:

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