Work in Progress Wednesdays

Yep I just make things up as I go along – lol!  I have actually been thinking of this for a while but I hate showing things in progress but I also wanted to show everyone that I have piles of stuff I am working on.

Remember him?  Yep still sitting on the coffee table upside down no less, unfinished.  At least it is blocking the Bates House that is still unfinished – I haven’t figured out how to finish that yet.
Map for the felt tent – yep still working on this.  I was thinking of adding “dots” for the capitals for each state.

Clock for the felt tent.  I can say both clocks are finished and the ticket window is also finished.  I need to make signs, mailbox, a tree with apples and not to mention the train.  I am getting the felt this weekend so I should be able to have a little more finished next week.

I am also working on getting some more Felt Travel Checkers on my Etsy Store.  I need to change the description a little for that since I modified the bag.  I also have two Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe bags started, a fish bag and another ant bag.  I am also thinking about doing my own monster bag too.  I also am still working on paper clay ornaments and hopefully I will get some more up soon. 

I also had some fantastic ideas that involve pretty leaves, Mod Podge and tile for next week.  I am also working on Christmas Projects (Bath Salts, Eye Masks, Boxes, Table Runner – Embossed Velvet) and Coasters.  I am also making another Felt Tool Set for my nephew for Christmas.  I can’t believe Christmas is approaching FAST!  I always say I am going to start early every year and every year it sneaks up on me.  The joys of the holidays!

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