Who Needs Math? ME!

I want to be up front I hate math but I love numbers because the numbers DO NOT LIE!!!  I have mentioned my “past life” before I was a Reservations/Revenue Manager for top hotel (major chain) in Savannah.  Part of my job was figuring out the “numbers” (ADR, OCC, keeping track of walk-ins, etc – if you don’t know what those abbreviations are, I am NOT going to bore you) I enjoyed it.  I loved being one of the only people in the hotel that knew exactly (down to the penny) how well we really were doing.  I spent hours crunching numbers, setting rates (The White Album is great to set rates too!)  I enjoyed this so much and the ironic thing was I failed statistics in High School, I did so bad on my first test I dropped the class.  I have taken College Algebra four times and my highest grade C- that was because my professor had pity on me and gave the one point I needed to get that C-.  Not missing a class helped me that summer – lol!  I don’t know why but my brain can not wrap around Algebra – I also think Math is Numbers NOT letters (lol).  I also have a hard time balancing my own checkbook, which is really funny because I can do it for a major hotel but for me.  As you more and likely gathered I am not the financier of the family finances (thank GOD!!!) it would just stress me out (honestly Jeff does a GREAT job!)  I am too nice to talk to all those people and it is a good thing that my hubby takes no bull – lol!
I know what you are thinking, Amanda, why and the hell are you babbling on about Math?  I guess I came to the realization today that I use it everyday.  For example I bake I am constantly dealing with fractions 1/2 cup 1/4 cup.  If someone would have told me when I was in the 4th grade (Ms. Peter – another story for another day) I would be using fractions every day I would have laughed at you (I HATE FRACTIONS!)  I also use square footage, I just spent the past couple hours trying to figure out how much felt I need to buy for the felt tent.  Once I figured that out I wanted to know how many sheets of 9×12 felt I would have to buy to equal a 1/2 yard of felt (12 actually 11.88).  I then wanted to know what was cheaper and by how much.  So I figured that out ($0.20 a sheet, which is $0.10 cheaper than the standard 9×12 sheet), I will say telling Jeff “the numbers” usually gets him on board with my crazy ideas (i.e. Paper Clay).  I guess I never realized how useful my arch nemesis really is and how much I actually use math.  I am constantly using math when I measure mats, making jewelry, painting, making felt items and of course baking, I think I am going to start a movement MATH IS GOOD – NOT THE BOOGIE MAN!  Math gets a bad wrap because of Algebra, Geometry and Psychics, so I think we should rename math make is less scary for everyday usage.  Maybe an abbreviation like L.M. (little Math) or B.A.M. (Bad Ass Math) I myself like BAM.  If we gave Big Scary Math a “NEW NAME” maybe we wouldn’t be ranked towards the bottom of the list.  I know there is arithmetic but you can’t use a word that most people can’t spell without spell check (myself included) you need a kick ass NEW word so I am going with BAM!

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