Where have I been…

Well it is October and I feel a tad overwhelmed that the holidays are almost here.  I have been in a crazy high gear since school started, I also applied for my first job since 2004, that I didn’t get.  I did have a great interview but I didn’t have the community outreach experience they were looking for.  I am completely okay with the fact I didn’t get the job and I am happy for the person who did.  I am also looking at doing some community outreach at the local community center (so I will have the experience next time), teaching a technology class or two to the seniors or anyone who wants to learn.  I miss doing stuff like that I use to in my younger days, I volunteered a lot when I was in high school and even in college.  I gotten away from volunteering when I had children and focused on them.  My children are old enough now to understand volunteerism and we need to incorporate it into our routine as a family.

I also decided to reopen my Etsy Shop and explored going back to school (which is another story for another day).  I have also been working on some Graphic Design items for a client (yes I am free lancing again).  I am hoping to find my creative juice again soon, I have the “itch” to play with clay which means I just need to find the time.  I am going to go to an art class tomorrow which should help me find my creative zen (because I have been far from creative or zen lately).  I am looking forward to painting in quiet, I do need to pull out my watercolor box and go through everything (it has been a while).

I also am helping out a friend by doing an 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge, I don’t think I need to lose weight but I am curious on what I am eating or not eating.  I also now own a scale, yes my very own scale (I named him Norbert) I am not sure how I like Norbert yet.  I will say I weigh 153.2 which is far less than I have weighed in years, I have no goal weight I want to stay where I am (the whole not hitting 160 ever again would make me very happy.)  I guess this is the next trip in the “journey” I started working out at home, changing my diet, then started working out with others, I now have gym access and now I am battling my biggest fear keeping track of what I eat.  I have always hated food journals because I found I ate more when I had one but I am giving it a go and maybe after 8 weeks I will be below 150, something that hasn’t happened since Jr. High.

So that is what I have been up to, I hope to get back on track very soon and start inspiring y’all again.

Thank you,

Manda 🙂

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