Seven Days of Nothing

Most people would love not being able to do anything (write, paint, type, clean, etc.) for seven days I however do not.  The pain in the arm has been quite sufficient and if it hasn’t hurt it was because of the painkillers.  I have been beyond bored and also got into the Halloween Candy and gained 3 pounds in two days.   Good news is I am slowly able to grab things and hold things.  Yesterday I cleaned my house and Booga’s room (it is amazing, it is still clean!)  In hindsight I over did it but I have an amazingly clean house.

As for crafts and art right now, I can paint with my left hand it just gives me a headache so I am working at a snail’s pace.  I hope to make more progress tomorrow but I am also trying to take it easy.


I hope everyone is have a good week and I hope to be able to post a project very soon (when I can type better).

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