4th and 26th (Again…)

Anyone who has read my blog or knows me, knows I am a huge Packers Fan. The Packers were playing in the NFC Championship Game (they were winning) and 4th and 26th happened, we lost. I use this expression when governmental agencies don’t have their ducks in a row. Wow, I have never seen such a FUBAR then what is currently happening now. In a time when we need decisive leadership, there is none to be had. I mean in Georgia you can still dine in restaurants (they are at 1/2 capacity). I understand, trust me I do, however if you lock it done now, then in three weeks we can get back to normal. Instead we are not locking stuff down, allowing people to dine-in restaurants, is not only foolish, dangerous, it will have a long term effect on everything making this last longer.

There are people in this world who don’t get it, no amount of restrictions will keep them home. I will do what I want, people. No one is going to tell me what I can and can’t do. These are the people who are going to make this worse. The people who can’t practice social distancing, who go traveling despite the bans, the people who have parties and gatherings, they are the problem.

A big question I have is – why are people still going to church? As a pastor, minister, etc. why aren’t you nipping this in the butt, you are part of the problem! To the owner of Hobby Lobby who won’t limit his store hours because his wife had a vision, you are part of the problem. Let your employees stay home, stop inviting people to your store, so you lose a couple of million dollars, you are worth billions I think you are good. We have millionaires and billionaires running this country right now and nobody gives a damn about the real people this is affecting. You know the front line employees who never get the recognition, the ones who bust their asses daily to make their bosses richer. It is time we the people who bust are asses get some help.

I do believe if certain members of the government would show more leadership and actually take this seriously, maybe just maybe this would be over sooner. I fear this is going to be far worse because steps were not taken to quell this when we had the chance. They don’t care about us, if they did the bill sitting in Congress would have been passed with zero bailouts to the airline industry (sorry you charge $30+ per bag, if I want to change my seat another $15 and early boarding $85 – where has all that money gone?). If they get a bailout they need to be charged for everything (like they do with us).

What I would love to see in a bill: mortgage payments stopped for everyone – residential and commercial (zero interest, no foreclosures, etc.) for the duration plus two months past the end of all this. Student loans for six months (I think this has passed). $1000 per person per month (anyone who pays taxes max out $125,000 income) for the duration – if you can give $500 million to the airline industry you can help us out. Car factories and other manufacturers retooled to build ventilators, masks, and gowns – I don’t care they don’t want to do it, sometimes you have to put need over want. Restaurants aid, give them money to help them through this (mortgage relief, payroll help, etc.). Don’t make people who are filling out unemployment apply for jobs, their trade or industry isn’t hiring (in Georgia you have to apply for 3 jobs a week – it is really hard when your chosen profession is gone). Help the people who have been laid off, increase SNAP, increase our weekly benefits, show us that you give a damn!

I try really hard not to be political on my blog, as my grandfather always said, “You never talk about money, politics and religion in polite company.” Today I failed miserably with mentioning all three, it needed to be said. For those who have to venture out or work, please take care of yourself and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

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