I have been laid off from my job since March 20th. I know it wasn’t because of my performance or anything I did, it doesn’t make it any easier. I have been watching and reading far more local news in the process. Adjusting to this new normal has brought forth many questions such as are people really that dumb? This question came to the forefront when the City of Savannah’s Mayor, Van Johnson, he to state the following in a press conference: “There are not helicopters in Savannah spraying you with Lysol. I can’t believe I even had to say this.” Van, neither can I. Have we lost our minds? Our common-sense? What planet are you from? Also these people VOTE, which is downright terrifying.

I have tried to distance myself from the news because it is depressing. I also am reminded, I am a concierge and need to be knowledgeable about everything that is going on in the world, even if it is depressing as hell. It is my job to bring a little happiness into someone’s life, even if it is bleak all around us. I guess that is why I started blogging again, it is a way for me to feel good and to let others know they are not alone in their struggles.

They cancelled school in Georgia for the remainder of the school year. I feel horrible for the Seniors, you were short changed (no prom, no senior banquet, no graduation) my heart breaks for them and their families. My kids, I feel bad for my daughter, her last year of Middle School, not being able to do the 8th Grade Ceremony and other events. My son’s class trip was cancelled to the Georgia Aquarium, he was pretty bummed about that. Then we decided to let him spend the money on himself, so he has a very large LEGO list.

I do hope people start using some common sense, no neighborhood BBQs, chillin’ on a boat with 12 of your closest friends or going to the park and hanging out. We don’t need this we need you to stay home! Staying home is the only way we can get back to normal. I want to see people, talk to people, eat Mexican Food in a restaurant on Cinco de Mayo, however that isn’t going to happen if you don’t stay home!

As Samuel L. Jackson put it STAY THE F*** HOME!

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