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How To Make a Bucket O Soldiers

The Booga is obsessed with Toy Story 1 and 2 (we don’t own 3) he quotes the movie.  My daughter really wanted to get Booga a Bucket O Soldiers so I looked around and found it on Amazon – $35.00 for 72 plastic army men that will be stepped on – I think NOT!  We … Continue reading

2011 Ornaments

I started this a couple years ago (2008) and every year we (or I) make an ornament or several for family and friends. Giraffe Ornament from last year Booga’s Ornament – which was published in Celebrate 365 last year. I really want my children to cherish their ornaments so I try to pick something that … Continue reading

How To Make Santa Bookmarks

How To Make Santa Bookmarks

My daughters class is doing a book exchange for Christmas so we decided to make everyone in her class a bookmark for their new book. Materials: 3 Cereal Boxes Wrapping Paper Construction Paper – Red, White and Flesh Tone Spray Mount Glue Stick Bic Mark-its Scissors Metal Ruler Hole Punch 24 – 10″ Ribbon 24 … Continue reading

How To Make Chinese Yo-Yos

These are extremely easy and make prefect stocking stuffers or party favors. Total Time:  5-10 minutes Materials:Wrapping Paper 36″x6″1/4″ Dowel Rod Tacky GlueMetal RulerPencilScissors 1.  Measure and cut a 36″x6″ sheet of wrapping paper. 2.  Glue paper to 1/4″ Dowel Rod wind the paper around the dowel rod. 3.  I glued the end loosely so … Continue reading