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WIP – Wednesday – Christmas Ornaments

You read that right I am starting on Christmas Ornaments and actually have several completed before September (YAY – ME!)  Last year I made several ornaments and donated 50% of the proceeds to charity.  The only ornaments I was able to complete last year were the Star for The Trevor Project, the Snowman for St. … Continue reading

Kingfisher Painting FINISHED!!!!

After almost two months of sitting on my easel I finally finished the Kingfisher this past weekend. The sketch and the base Filling it in Look there is a bird And the bird has an eye The sign is made of wood The bird has some shadow and some highlight on the wood NO FISHING … Continue reading

Part 8: How to Watermark a Photograph

What is watermarking?  A watermark is a little picture, logo etc. that usually contains your name, business name, website information and a © symbol.  What does it do?  It makes it harder for people to steal your photos, pictures, etc. and claim it as their own.  It isn’t 100% if someone really wants your picture … Continue reading

Monet Waterlilies Teaching Impressionism

I love Impressionism Monet is one of my favorite artist (I named my dog Monet Picasso). Monet Picasso – December 2007 I watched the In the Zone Episode on June 20 and decided I needed to incorporate Impressionism into a children’s project for my show In the Paint Box.  I started doing some research and … Continue reading

Work In Progress WEDNESDAY!!!

Big shock I am going to show the Digi Shoppe.  I have made progress!  It is up not fully stock but up and all the links are working and I am learning more and more everyday!  For example how to successfully add Zip Files to Download buttons without a PAID hosting site (exciting I know!) … Continue reading

Homemade Texture Magic

I am pretty sure I have established I am “frugal” when it comes to my craft supplies purchases.  Texture Magic is no exception.  I really wanted to buy some Texture Magic but at $12 a tube it is a little too steep for my taste.  I was working on my Reece’s Rainbow tiles and really … Continue reading

Work in Progress Wednesday!

Despite being grounded (i.e. butt on the couch) I have been able to complete quite a bit.  I got some new markers BIC Mark-Its on the advice of Leslie Rahye she informed me they worked very similar to Prismacolor Markers.  I picked a pack of four up at Wal-Mart (that was all I could find) … Continue reading

Work In Progress WEDNESDAY!!!

Oh yes I have been working like a busy little bee… I have my Fairy 95% DONE and my butterfly is sitting at 75% completed.  Here are some quick photos (not very good but it gives you an idea of what it will look like!) I do have more photos – I am actually further … Continue reading

Our Fairy Filled Weekend

Our weekend was filled Fairies and Gnomes with help from Oatland Island’s Fairy and Gnome Fest.  My daughter built a Fairy House and the Booga, well was the Booga.  I love this picture of her… I see some Photoshopping in my future with this photo Our Fairy Princess with the Fairy House she built Booga … Continue reading