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Easy Magnet Frames

Easy Magnet Frames

Every year we get cheap, ugly advertisement magnets on our phone books, I never want to throw them away because I always say I’m going to do something with them.  This morning I got inspired, I was cleaning and I came across some of the PrincessE’s paintings and decided to stop what I was doing … Continue reading

My Mother’s Day Idea…

Well I finally figured out how to complete my Mother’s Day Project (YAY – Me!) I wanted to do something with the silver clay I have because it is just sitting there mocking me (Naaaa-Naaaa-Boo-Boo, you get artist block every time you think of me.) So I am going to make a fingerprint necklace and … Continue reading

Happy Easter…

The Easter Bunny made his stop last night and left footprints behind. I wanted Easter to be memorable for Jillian especially since she hasn’t been feeling good (a bad sinus infection.) I had an idea to make bunny prints (Baking Soda and a stencil) in front of Jillian’s basket and in front of her door. … Continue reading

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Well this is Booga’s first Easter and I really wanted him to have his very own Chocolate Easter Bunny but he is only 6 months old. I found another blog Raised by Wolfesand she had a great idea create a “chocolate bunny” out of brown felt. I had to make one for my little man. … Continue reading

Homemade Baby Food…

I love to cook and since I am a stay at home mom I figure I have no excuses not to make my own baby food. I did make a little with Jillian but I worked way too much to keep it up. Yesterday, Jillian and I made some sweet peas and the following teething … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts for Babies

Baby’s first Christmas is always a memorable event but what do you get someone so small? This year I decided to make “Soft Puzzle Blocks.” I wish I could say this idea was all mine but with most ideas you see them somewhere and are like I could so do that! (This was one of … Continue reading