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Work in Progress Wednesdays

Yep I just make things up as I go along – lol!  I have actually been thinking of this for a while but I hate showing things in progress but I also wanted to show everyone that I have piles of stuff I am working on. Remember him?  Yep still sitting on the coffee table … Continue reading

Felt Play Tent – Work In Progress

I really need to stop thinking about this because the more I think about it the more educational stuff I want to add.  I currently have a completely embroidered map and a felt clock with movable hands (there will be a tutorial on this soon).  I am not the best embroider I will say by … Continue reading

Homemade Felt Tent… Idea Stage

I really want everything this Christmas to be homemade but what do you get for a one year old little boy?  I was searching last night because I honestly don’t want to pay $50 for the Thomas the Train Mega Block Set.  There are many reason why, but here are the two main ones:  I … Continue reading

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This morning I woke up and was not going to turn on my computer (I saw a nap in my future, since my son woke up at 5:20am) so I checked my email on my phone.  It said Etsy Transaction and I am reading and thought my account had been hacked and someone bought six … Continue reading

Happy Dance Day…

I learned to sew when I was in the 5th grade not because I wanted to but because I was made to.  My grandma signed me up for sewing classes, I wanted to play basketball.  My mom made me take sewing lessons and apologize to my grandma for my embarrassing out burst on how I … Continue reading

Oh the fun of Illustrator…

Well as I mentioned earlier this week I have been engrossed in rebuilding a brochure.  If I do say so myself it is looking mighty nice!  I must admit I am very embarrassed of the current brochure and I can’t believe I let it get printed.  I remember slaving over the other brochure and really … Continue reading


Well I must admit I am a tad painted out but am still feeling “creative” so I decided to pull the felt out again and start sewing!  I have been sketching some ideas for kids games and today I cut out some stuff for felt games.  One of the ones I am making is a … Continue reading

Yay Another Etsy Sale!

So my mornings are pretty straight forward… coffee, coffee, coffee, and checking my email from my phone. This morning much to my surprise I sold another item on Etsy, I am overjoyed I sold the Travel Fish Game I made and have been hiding from Jillian. Great news and now I will have to make … Continue reading

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns…

I have decided to start making patterns to sell on my Etsy store. The first one I put up was the Chocolate Easter Bunny, I did ponder this for a long time because it wasn’t my idea. I did draw the pattern, write the directions, and make the bunny myself but the idea wasn’t mine … Continue reading

Felt Doctor’s Kit

So this is still in the baby stage but Jillian really loves to play doctor and does not have a Doctor’s Kit, so I have decided to make one. I did look on Etsy for some ideas then I just decided to wing it and make my own (I have a ton of felt.) I … Continue reading