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Backyard Beautification Part 2

Backyard Beautification Part 2

This weekend we took the shed down it was moved to the top of the priority list when Booga knocked it 2″ off center on Friday.  I was concerned about how the shed was going to come down having a background in Preservation you always expect the worse (building falling).  Thankfully that did not happen … Continue reading

Backyard Beautification Part 1

Backyard Beautification Part 1

There have been lots of things on my To-Do List and our backyard is one of those items.  I really wanted a new fence this year well that didn’t happen because of the bathroom renovation.  I recently have been spending way more time back there than I have in the 5 years we have lived … Continue reading

Reclaimed Wood Table

My neighbor removed part of their fence and had a pile of old wood that they said I could raid at will, I of course took them up on this.  I really wanted to make a table for outside out of reclaimed wood. I can assure you it took much longer than I though it … Continue reading

I Did It!  I Finally Did It!

I Did It! I Finally Did It!

I ripped out the backsplash in my kitchen.  It was messy and gratifying I had stared at that horrible tile for over 5 years now (I can’t believe I let it go that long).  I am doing a new backsplash it is definitely a work in progress and I don’t want to spill the beans on … Continue reading

My Biggest FAIL Fixed

My Biggest FAIL Fixed

I have posted in the past I don’t have many FAILS but when I do they are EPIC on so many levels.  I am now going to introduce you to my Biggest FAIL, my kitchen cabinets.  Five years ago we moved into our house and our cabinets were oak (or so I thought) and I have never … Continue reading

Part 7:  The Big Reveal

Part 7: The Big Reveal

After seven parts it is time to finally reveal what part of my bathroom looks like (the other part needs some minor things like baseboards before I take photos).  I do have a couple at least one other tutorial that I plan on doing but I have to buy a couple baskets to make it … Continue reading

Part 5:  A Little Tile (Tips and Tutorial)

Part 5: A Little Tile (Tips and Tutorial)

After the floorwas done and we decided we were going to addtile, at this point I started having fun creating a “Better Homes and Garden Bathroom.”  I have laid tile, lots of tile, I mentioned my dad and uncle well neither of them liked laying tile so would do the majority of the work under … Continue reading

Part 4: The Floor (with a little tutorial)

The one thing I didn’t want to touch in the bathroom was the floor.  I was completely okay with the grayish linoleum that was in there it matched the basic decor and replacing the floor is a huge pain. When we went and put vanity in we discovered it was 1/2″ too big despite measuring … Continue reading

Part 3: They Did WHAT?!

I posted about the electrical in our bathroom already but I didn’t really post about my reaction when I discovered this nice tid bit about our house. Our bathroom light fixture was dying a slow painful death and I mean 2 out of the 3 lights worked and it was a hideous looking standard builder’s … Continue reading