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Yesterday’s List with Progress

Giraffe Ornament – still needs eyes, nose and a hanger  FINISHED!!!! Felt Play Tent – making progress but almost at a stand still until I get the card table.  We are getting the table today so I should make more progress this weekend. Grandma Presents – I am wood burning frames 1 is still in … Continue reading

Who Needs Math? ME!

I want to be up front I hate math but I love numbers because the numbers DO NOT LIE!!!  I have mentioned my “past life” before I was a Reservations/Revenue Manager for top hotel (major chain) in Savannah.  Part of my job was figuring out the “numbers” (ADR, OCC, keeping track of walk-ins, etc – … Continue reading

Work in Progress Wednesdays

Yep I just make things up as I go along – lol!  I have actually been thinking of this for a while but I hate showing things in progress but I also wanted to show everyone that I have piles of stuff I am working on. Remember him?  Yep still sitting on the coffee table … Continue reading

To-Do List… Why do you mulitply?

Last night I received a phone call from a mutual friend, who is a book publisher, to see if I would be willing to design a cover for a book.  I was extremely excited and asked what the catch was?  The catch was that they needed it by today.  She had two artist flake out … Continue reading

Making it a Homemade Christmas

Last night I decided to make Christmas Cards I think I need about 50 cards – I have 3.  I am going to let my daughter make Christmas Tree, Angel, and Candy Cane out of ripped paper bits and Glitter Glue.  I think they might turn out to be ornaments that can be detached from … Continue reading


I actually submitted not one but four pieces to Celebrate 365 (my amazing husband was the driving force behind this because I would not submitted anything).  I submitted four ornaments (a snowman, a tree, a star, and an angel) with the explanation of the donation to charity and a description of each piece.  I guess … Continue reading