Day 10

It is working…as much as I hate to admit it, it is working.  I no longer need to wear Spanx under my pants, which in Savannah in July is a good thing.  So there you have it, I hate Jillian Michaels but she gets results.  I will continue to bitch because  my arms hurt and … Continue reading

Day 9 – Dancing Hippos

I am on Day 2 of Level 2 and Day 9 of the complete shred.  So the thought of dancing hippos from Fantasia crossed my mind today, again while doing spin twists.  Why did it cross my mind?  This is what I feel like when I am doing them.  I still have been doing the … Continue reading

Day 8… Why, Oh Why?

So today I decided to try my hand at Level 2 because I had the day off and I have tomorrow off.  If I would have waited until Day 10, I would be right smack dab in the middle of the 4th of July weekend.  There were many things I did not know existed until … Continue reading

Day 6 – A Snickers Kind of Day

Outside of the raiding the Halloween Candy or if Jeff leaves the random one in the pantry, I never eat Snickers Bar.  Today however I found myself starving and in need of a Snickers Bar.  It was delightful with the chocolate, almonds and soft center.  I will say I ate it and all I could … Continue reading

Day 5 – Getting a little better

Today was better than yesterday, it was still tough.  I mean I would rather be sitting on a couch eating ice cream and squeezing gf cookie dough into my mouth but maybe this will allow me to do that.  I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I don’t curse Jillian Michaels, however I am … Continue reading

Day 4…UGH

Personally thought that yesterday’s workout was the worst, not so today’s workout about killed me.  I sweated more today than I had in ages, seriously I looked like I had just gotten out of the shower.  I had no idea it was possible for that to happen, I didn’t sweat that much when I worked … Continue reading

Day 3 – Ramblings

I have managed to exercise for three straight days with minimum complaining and I haven’t died.  I decided last night to do measurements and weight.  Wasn’t too happy with that but I did it anyways, the reality of why I am doing this hit me – 176 pounds (ugh).   Didn’t do before pictures primarily … Continue reading

Day 2 – oh boy…

I have completed day 2, I also realized I don’t eat enough.  I did some research and I think I figured out how to eat more.  I have found lots of resources to help me on Pintrest so I think it might actually work.  I am cheap and really don’t want to pay for anything … Continue reading

Day 1

Getting back on the exercise bandwagon because my clothes are getting tighter and not in a good way.  Since I refuse to buy new clothes in a bigger size I decided to have Jillian Michaels kick my ass again.  Today I restarted the 30 day shred.  I forgot how much I truly hate exercise and … Continue reading