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Starbucks + Girlfriend = Starbucks Cup Flowers

Starbucks + Girlfriend = Starbucks Cup Flowers

I admit I rarely go to Starbucks, I love Starbucks but I rarely treat myself to Starbucks.  One of my dearest friends Michelle told me she was taken me out for coffee Sunday.  It was wonderful we talked about life (husbands and kids), blogging and self promotion.  Michelle is a writer and understands the need … Continue reading

My Dream Space (AKA: Studio)

I don’t speak of a studio ever because I no longer have a space to create in.  My “studio” was forfeited when we found out about my son, it is now his room.  While I am grateful to no longer be sharing a bed or a room with my little man, I am sadden that … Continue reading

Felt Play Tent – Work In Progress

I really need to stop thinking about this because the more I think about it the more educational stuff I want to add.  I currently have a completely embroidered map and a felt clock with movable hands (there will be a tutorial on this soon).  I am not the best embroider I will say by … Continue reading

Homemade Felt Tent… Idea Stage

I really want everything this Christmas to be homemade but what do you get for a one year old little boy?  I was searching last night because I honestly don’t want to pay $50 for the Thomas the Train Mega Block Set.  There are many reason why, but here are the two main ones:  I … Continue reading

Documentaries and me…

I admit on a regular basis I am a nerd (huge nerd) when it comes to history or other useless information.  When I was in college I did not have cable, so when I worked on pieces I started watching taped documentaries on random subjects.  It ranged from the Civil War to Baseball to the … Continue reading

Hmmm…. Homemade Clay (Paper Clay)

So I have been experimenting with different homemade clays because I really want to make paper clay.  I know paper clay is reasonable but the thought of driving to Michael’s makes my head hurt.  I also don’t want to order it because I will be really mad if I don’t like it. So I Googled … Continue reading